Look Out for These Signs to Know When to Get Your San Diego Home’s Wiring Repaired

Maintaining safety in your San Diego home is vital. This means addressing one of the greatest potential threats to your life and well-being: your electrical wiring. If your electrical setup experiences wear and begins to fray, it could pose a number of threats to you and your loved ones. To be sure that your electrical […]

3 Indicators That It Might Be Time To Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel

While that small gray or white box that is your electrical panel might not seem like much to most homeowners, it is easily one of the more important parts of your entire home. If your electrical system forms the nervous system of your home, then the electrical panel would definitely be the brain. Your electrical […]

Under Cabinet Lighting Ideas For San Diego Homes

Are you looking for kitchen upgrade ideas that make a big impact in the room? Consider installing hardwired LED under cabinet lighting. There are so many reasons you’ll love having under cabinet lights and LED fixtures make it even more wonderful. Before we get into under cabinet lighting ideas, realize they aren’t just for aesthetics. […]

Why San Diego Electrical Panel Upgrades Are So Important

Your San Diego area home may have an electrical panel that should be upgraded if you’re trying to pull a heavy load of power from an older panel. With as many older homes as we have in the San Diego and surrounding areas, there are many homes with insufficient wiring. With the panel you get […]

What is a Level 2 Electrical Vehicle Charger?

One of the fastest growing trends in the automotive industry is electric cars. At some point in time, vehicles powered primarily by electricity will be the standard. Electrical cars save energy, promote societal health, and are environmentally friendly. You should think about upgrading Galaxy Note 4 vs. Note 8 today. When you decide to purchase […]

Why LED Lighting is an Excellent Choice for your Vista Home

Vista LED lighting technology is well known for it’s positive attributes of low maintenance and power savings, as well as durability, reliability, longer life span, and consistent color and brightness levels.  LEDs are monochromatic, so almost all of the light generated is used. LEDs are directional, so almost all of the light generated was emitted towards […]

Tips to Effective Landscape Lighting

Having a couple of landscape lighting additions installed in your home will have a great effect on the aesthetic appeal of your house, especially during night time. You would be surprised at how your home will look simply by adding a couple of lighting fixtures in your yard. Here are a couple of tips that […]

Lighting Your Way to A Brighter Home with Proper Interior Lighting

Proper lighting plays a crucial role in maintaining a good ambiance in your house. It doesn’t simply provide beautiful appearance but it’s also functional at most times. Aside from the comfort and ease that it provides, proper lighting can also give enlightenment, not just literally. Hence, if you want to end up living in a […]

New Trends in Lighting

Go Green: Two New Energy Saving Styles for Kitchen Lighting Enhancing your kitchen with energy saving lights doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or ambience. The latest trend employs LED lights,(Light-Emitting Diode) which provide ambient as well as task lighting. Current LED bulbs are designed to fit standard bases and range from 0.85 to 7.3 watts, so […]

Save on Homeowners Insurance

SAVE ON HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE!! Electrical equipment – Do you need to upgrade your electrical service, panel or add a subpanel. Are your breakers sized correctly? Have your panel connections been tightened recently? Homeowner Insurance – are you having trouble obtaining homeowner insurance, is your existing wiring causing your rates to go through the roof ? […]

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