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Why Professional Concrete Cleaning Works Best

Professional concrete cleaning

As a pressure washing company in Bowie, MD, we find that most of our customers have plenty of questions about concrete cleaning and how professionals are able to get better results than they can. Are you thinking about whether you should do it yourself or wondering if it's best to hire a professional?

You're not alone if you've noticed your driveway or sidewalks getting dingier and darker. As the months pass by, you may notice new stains develop on the concrete or paver surfaces. While some of it's undoubtedly due to a little motor oil and grime from the soil, it's important to know what else may be causing the stains.

One reason professional concrete cleaning works best is that we're trained to know how to clean different surfaces. We're also trained to identify the different types of stains.

Why You Have To Keep Cleaning The Concrete

Is the concrete slippery when it gets wet? The stains you see on a concrete surface aren't always just grime. Remember, algae are microscopic in size. The dark stains could be the byproduct that an algae colony leaves behind after it feeds off the limestone in the concrete.

If you just keep pressure washing without treating the algae problem, it can lead to a never-ending cycle of wasting your free time to try to keep the driveway, patio, or other concrete surfaces clean.

The only real way to stop the slippery algae from taking over a concrete surface is to kill it at the roots. If it's not killed at the roots, you'll find that concrete cleaning by pressure washing won't be enough to keep it at bay.

Why Professional Concrete Cleaning Lasts Longer

While the surface of concrete seems as hard as a rock, look at it under a microscope to see that it's actually porous. You'll see tiny jagged peaks with valleys where water and grime seep into these tiny pores. This is what makes the grime so difficult to remove without damaging the concrete.

  • Professionals know how to clean concrete deep down - We're able to get to the stains that are embedded deep down within the porous concrete surface without causing damage.
  • We have more powerful equipment - Our commercial power washers are much more powerful than those made to use at home. This allows us to work quicker and get better results.
  • We know how to kill algae at its roots - Professionals are trained and have access to commercial-grade detergents that can remove grime stains. We also know what additives will kill algae at the roots, and then how to mix it in with the detergent formula.

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