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House Washing Basics For New Homeowners In Bowie

House washing basics

If you're new to owning a home, you'll eventually need to remove the grime buildup off the siding, gutters, and other exterior surfaces of your house. You can do it yourself or hire a pressure washing professional for a house washing service.

Either way, you don't want to let the grime, and any possible algae or mildew, stay on the surfaces for too long because the buildup can affect the paint, dry out or damage the wood, or cause damage to the siding. Plus, it's not healthy for you and your family or pets if algae, mold, or mildew are covering the surface of your siding and other areas.

Many of our customers in Bowie are new to homeownership, so we wanted to share a little advice about house washing, such as why it's better to have a professional do it and when to get it done.

Professional House Washing Results As Compared to DIY Methods

House washing professionals are just like you; we want to do things ourselves when it comes to handling the maintenance around the house. We understand what it's like to be independent and want to save some money. Yet, there are a few things to think about that could make a big difference in the decision you make.

  • Longer lasting results - Professional service lasts longer because we have the training, certification, commercial equipment, and skill to complete the job.
  • A deeper clean - The cleaning techniques our particular company uses include a combination of commercial cleaning solutions we know how to mix for the best results in lifting and removing grime and stains. This is what we've spent hours and hours training for.
  • A safer clean - It depends on the technician, but we can tell you that our professional methods are safer to use on siding, gutters, and other surfaces than other methods. It's the only method recommended by siding manufacturers. In fact, DIY projects and amateur service can and has caused damage to the siding and voided the warranty.

How Often We Recommend House Washing Service

You can get professional house washing service anytime you like, but keep in mind that it can also be harmful to do it too often. A seasonal cleaning, which is handled professionally, should be all you need. Most of our customers only need to have it done about every six months. Still, how often you'll need it will depend on several things.

  • You want regular seasonal service to keep up with the curb appeal.
  • More grime is building up because there's been more wet weather in the area than usual.
  • Algae coats your siding and other exterior surfaces, turning them green.
  • The lower part of your siding is orange because of irrigation or soil stains.
  • Roof felt is getting old, and black stains drip down the siding when it rains.
  • Gutters are aging, and the rain drips rust down the siding.
  • Your house is getting covered in chalky road dust or grime from heavy traffic.
  • Your house hasn't been washed in over a year.
  • Trees drip sap all over the siding and other surfaces.

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