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Dunkirk pressure washing

If you'd rather be spending time on the weekends with the family than pressure washing your Dunkirk home, call Dorsey Bros. Power Washing. We are a Dunkirk pressure washing expert who can help you make your property look fantastic.

Although we've started out small like every other business, we're quickly becoming the go-to service provider in the local area because of our attention to detail and quality work.

Homeowners have trusted us for all types of pressure washing and concrete cleaning projects, large and small. We'd love to assist you with any exterior cleaning chores you don't want to do for your Dunkirk home.

Whether it's cleaning the grime from your dark and stained wooden deck, removing rust stains from concrete, or anything else, we take pride in our craft and the results it can bring.

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House Washing

Whether your Dunkirk house is clad in vinyl, brick, stone, wood, or composite siding, a good house washing can help to preserve the building materials. Of course, it will also improve the curb appeal as it lightens and brightens the surface color. If it's time to find help with the house washing maintenance, we'd be happy to offer you a free quote for the work.

Concrete Cleaning

One of the most common building materials is concrete. They use this material to build all types of horizontal and vertical structures these days, including paver patios and driveways. We know how to handle the concrete cleaning right to where there's no surface damage left after the work is done. Give us a call today so we can give you a fair-priced quote.

Fence Cleaning

If given enough time, all fences will discolor to the point of looking dark and ugly. The longer it's exposed to the elements, even a painted privacy fence can look darker and darker. The good news is that you can get your fence clean and bright again when the right fence cleaning techniques are used, and we're the local pressure washing pros who can bring you the best results.

Deck Cleaning

Our team of pressure washing specialists also knows just how to remove years of grime to restore the look of wood decking and other types of decks. If you'd like to combine fence cleaning with deck cleaning, just let us know when you get your free quote. We have no problem tailoring our service to include cleaning any exterior areas of your property.


Siding damage is all too common when a technician performs a house washing or deck cleaning job. The better way to get these areas clean is to use softwashing, a gentler technique that uses cleansing detergents rather than higher pressure settings on our machine. The surface is treated with our special solution and then rinsed away.

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