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The Leader In Professional Pressure Washing in Accokeek That You Can Trust

Accokeek pressure washing contractor

Dorsey Bros. Power Washing is the Accokeek pressure washing specialist to call when you're looking for quality service for your home. Since the beginning, our local pressure washing pros have been helping Accokeek homeowners to keep their properties looking clean and fresh.

We're proud to be known for our professionalism and ability to provide a range of services for our customers. Some of the different tasks we can help you and your family with are house washing, concrete cleaning, fence cleaning, and deck cleaning.

Getting the grime off of all this surface area can consume a lot of your free time. Yet, unless it's done regularly, it can become an impossibly cumbersome job that continues to snowball into a bigger and bigger chore.

We're here to help you catch up on the house washing and other jobs that you don't have time for. Let us help you get rid of the grime and stains so that you and your family can enjoy your weekends more.

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House Washing

It's not as easy to tell when brick or stone siding has become darker with grime as the years go by. Dust and pollution from the air get settled into the porous surface and causes it to darken in color until the entire house looks gloomy and dull.

If you've noticed that your beautiful red brick has turned brown or your stone siding is now looking a little orange or green, it's time to schedule house washing with our local pros.

Concrete Cleaning

Whether you need us to remove grime from your paver patio, driveway, retaining walls, entry porch, steps, or anywhere else, we're the concrete cleaning pros in Accokeek to call. We can get all these surfaces looking bright and light again.

Fence & Deck Cleaning

Whether it's wood fencing, metal, vinyl, or some other material, grime tends to collect and discolor the surface over time. If you're thinking that the wood of your deck is looking so dark that you have to replace it, you could just need a deck cleaning.

Our technician would be happy to offer you a free quote and consultation so we can examine your deck surface and tell you what needs to be done to renew the color and beauty of the wood stain.


Some of the building materials that are installed on the exterior of an Accokeek house are more delicate by nature. It's very easy to damage the material by blasting at it too harshly with a pressure washer, so our technician uses a different process called softwashing. The surface is treated with a special detergent that soaks into the material and lifts the stains so that we can gently pressure wash them away.

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