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Keep the Exterior of Your Home Spotless With Professional House Washing

House washing

When the beauty of your Upper Marlboro area home has been affected by stains and grime, call Dorsey Bros. Power Washing for house washing service. Our experienced pressure washing specialists can help you to clean and sanitize the exterior surfaces of your house.

Whether you own a home in Bowie that needs house washing several times a year or you're looking for a one-time service in the Upper Marlboro area, we'd love to help you keep up with the maintenance.

Our hope at Dorsey Bros. Power Washing is to become the go-to Bowie house washing professionals you choose for all your property cleaning needs throughout the years. As a smaller, family-owned business, we can provide a personalized and flexible service that larger companies serving the Upper Marlboro area can't.

  • Reasonable Rates
  • Fast & Efficient Service
  • All Size Jobs Welcomed
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We work hard to make sure we provide dependable results our customers can count on. We hope you'll give Dorsey Bros. Power Washing a chance to show you what a difference it makes to work with our dependable professionals.

House Washing Helps To Preserve Your Upper Marlboro Home's Value

Since we live in a climate with definite seasonal changes here in the Upper Marlboro area, homes are affected by all types of environmental conditions. House washing can help to preserve your home's value by preventing problems that the weather can cause.

After winter, a spring season house washing can help to remove the dirt and grime, as well as any salt or sand left on surfaces from the snow and ice treatments.

  • The salting we do to treat the ice and snow during the winter can dry out and ruin the siding and trim work where it usually accumulates along the lower sections of a house. It's not good if we allow it to sit on the surfaces for too long.

A summer or fall season house washing is recommended, as well.

  • After the wet spring season, we usually find a lot of algae and mildew growing on the siding and other shaded areas of a house. The algae need to be removed and treated with our soft washing system, or it will continue to eat away at the wood and other surface areas. The cleaning will help to treat and remove any algae growth.

Eventually, these common problems and other issues like irrigation stains, gutter stains, and air pollution can make your house look much older than it truly is. In the long-run, you'll be protecting your property from the harmful effects of the environment while keeping up with the curb appeal.

Our team of skilled professionals can make your siding and other surfaces look beautiful and fresh again with our affordable house washing services. Contact us today to set up a free quote.

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